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Thank You to Everyone That
Attended and Helped with Our April 5, 6 & 7, 2013
100th Anniversary Celebration

BSBC 100 Years

“April 6, 1913 - On invitation a council was called to meet at the Inman Street Baptist Church of Cleveland to consider the organization of a new church”...

Big Spring History Book

We have developed a keepsake book outlining the story of Big Spring and its members. These 240 page books are now complete. If you pre-ordered, please contact David Robinson. If you did not preorder a limited number will be available for approximately $15.00 each.

BSBC Timeline Brochure
Click to download BSBC Timeline Brochure

Click links below for downloadable audio files from Anniversary Services

Night 1 - Friday

Night 2 - Saturday

Day 3 - Sunday



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