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Big Spring Prayer List -
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Prayer Requests
Staff &
BSBC Ministries; Pastor Daniel & Stephanie Malone,
Tom Wickes, Minister of Music, Deacons, Church Family,
Sunday School Leaders, Crisis Ministry, Children Ministry,
Teen Connection, Missionaries, National Leaders, Military,
Vision Team

Church Family Requests
Darrell Hall, Shelbie Gerard, Mary Breen, Roy Bain, Randy Bain, Maddy McDonald, Rick Deming, Patricia Dixon (recovery), Janice Bain – Shingles

Church Family w/ Continuing Health Problems
Lewis Allen, Rhonda Collins, Jo Wills, Margaret Bonner, Virginia
Chism, Brenda Moore, Johnny Willis, Mart Epperson, Lindsey
Mowery, Joyce Headrick

Other Prayer Requests
Shauna Freeman (The Pendley’s granddaughter)—cancer
Randy and Reba Dunlap (Jerry Dunlap’s brother)—cancer
Nita Williams (Patsy Dunlap’s sister)
Ken Hall (Darrel Hall’s brother)—throat cancer
Carol Beilharz (Sandy Thomas’ friend)—stage 4 cancer
Scott Family—Betty Scott passed away
Helen—travel plans
Cordelia Gregg—car wreck
Livia Weatherford—brain tumor
Beverly Mingie—family
Janis Gray—sickness
Bryan Stamey—drug addiction
Amanda Lee—infectious disease
Brocklyn Elliott—surgery
Beverly Wells—health
Our Nation
Olivia Weatherford
Jackie Duggan
Shirley Patterson—lost family
Sharon & Misty
Diana & Terry—health

Jo Baker
Ada Dixon
Dean Ellis
Virginia Chism
Cora Lee Rose

Margaret Bonner – Signature Health Care of Cleveland, Room 403A
Jo Wills – Morningside of Cleveland, Room 132

Please Note: Names in the “Other Prayer Requests” section will remain three weeks unless notified to leave on the list.

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